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Meeting Minutes 1-5-2003
      Phone Conference

Present: Eileen Cronin, Matt Murrie, Chris Purdef, Pam Ross, Rick Sleutaris, Don Patillo, and Laura Potts

1. Internet Banking: Don Patillo gave an update on the NetBank services. Laura followed with the information she had gotten on Bank of America, American Express, and NetBank Internet Banking Services as well as Western Union wire services. Don, Laura, and Dana will continue to seek out information and will decide on the best Internet Banking Services for FOM.

2. Review of Bylaws: Matt's brother will review our draft Mission Statement and Bylaws, and pass comments/revisions on to Don and the group. Eileen's recommendations should be adopted. All should keep in mind that the Bylaws can also be reviewed by the Board.

3. Tax-Exempt Status/Fundraising: Once I receive an acknowledgement from the IRS about 501(c) (3), we can begin fundraising in anticipation of approval of tax-exempt status. Approval may take months, but will be retroactive to application date. State of Georgia tax-exempt status must await IRS approval.

4. FOM Website: Rick will spearhead development of the FOM Website

5. Operating Guidelines: Chris will lead the development of operating guidelines/criteria for selecting/supporting students.

6. Address Lists: All will supply what they have of RPCV addresses to Pam. These can either be e-mailed or mailed via Post to Pam: Her address is: 55 Merrill Dr., #B1, Forest City AR 72335.

7. Board Members: Laura will try to find Rich Gotschall and will invite him to be a possible FOM Board member.

8. PR: Rick will contact/inform MAK embassy of our existence.

9. In -Country PR: Matt will contact PC office and U. S. Embassy in Macedonia about us while there to inform about FOM and assess possible interest in support of FOM.

10. Minutes: Because the FOM Secretary was not available to take the minutes, Don Patillo offered to summarize the minutes and send them on to Laura to then synthesize them into "official" minutes.

11. Officer Titles: There was unanimous and hearty agreement to address FOM President Mr. Dom Patillo as "Your Excellency."

12. Next Conference Call: Rick will arrange for next conference call Feb. 5, 2003 and will provide conference call information to the group.

"A prosperous Macedonia where youth are provided the proper educational resources that will enable them to enrich their communities and contribute to a civil society in Macedonia and an American public that is informed about the positive aspects of Macedonia."