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Meeting Minutes 12-18-2002

Phone Conference

Present: Eileen Cronin, Matthew Murrie, Donald Pattillo, Laura Potts, Chris Purdef, Pamela Ross, Rhonda Stanton

1. Bank Account-Donald Pattillo Don discussed the items we need in order to set up a bank account for Friends of Macedonia. They include an IRS ID number, a corporate seal, and a minutes book. Eileen suggested looking into on-line banking as an option because we may be doing a lot of wire transfers. Don offered to do some research and Laura volunteered to help him. Banks that were brought up were PayPal and CitiBank. Dana is expected to contact them regarding this matter. Official signers were brought up, but nothing definite was decided upon. Don suggested having more than one signers for checks totaling above an unspecified amount. Tasks: Look into on-line banking (Don, Laura, and Dana) Contact Scott regarding on-line banking (Don) Contact Dana about on-line banking (Rhonda)

2. Corporate Seal-Donald Pattillo Don is going to do some research on corporate seals

3. Minutes-Rhonda Stanton A procedure for minute distribution was settled upon where by the secretary will send out a draft copy via email to the other members of the board to get feedback and final approval. After the minutes have been approved another soft copy via email will be sent, followed by a signed hard copy. In addition, a Minutes Book will be created by the secretary where the original hard copies will be stored. Tasks: Get a binder to serve as the Minutes Book-Rhonda

4. Bi-Laws-Eileen Cronin and Donald Pattillo It was agreed that we definitely want Dan Murrie to advise us on the Friends of Macedonia bi-laws. Eileen and Don are going to confer on the bi-laws and send a draft to Matt by (Did we decide on a deadline?). Matt will then have his brother review them and give us feedback by January 5th. Tasks: Finish rough draft of bi-laws (Eileen and Don) Get the bi-laws reviewed by legal advisor (Matt)

5. Mission Statement-Chris Purdef The board of Friends of Macedonia agreed that the organization's Mission Statement were about 90% done. Laura said that she had made some notes on her copy, which she would forward to the Statement's author Chris. At that time, it was proposed that everyone give there feedback to Chris via email, and he will make appropriate changes. Tasks: Give Chris feedback on Mission/Vision Statement (group) Alter Statements accordingly. (Chris)

6. Guidelines for Grant Propsals-Matthew Murrie, Chris Purdef, Rhonda Stanton A committee to come up with grants guidelines was created. The tasks include to research what grants our organization can apply for, what is needed for FoM to apply for funds, and how to go about completing this process. It should also be noted that Rhonda is the boss of this committee. Tasks: Establish communication with other members of grants committee (Rhonda)

7. Contacting other Macedonia RPCVs-Pamela Ross Pam volunteered to contact the other groups regarding this organization. She said that she would specifically contact Karen Werber (Mak3), Connie -Last Name-(Mak 5) and Zdenka Nikolovska (Peace Corps Macedonia) in order to obtain the contact information of the other returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Pam stated that it may be difficult for her to do until after January 6th, because she lacks a computer at home. Task: Establish contact with Karen, Connie, and Zdenka (Pam)

8. Next Meeting-Group Our next meeting was decided upon. It will be set up by Eileen and will take place on January 5th, 2003 at 8:00 PM. Telephone number and access code TBA. Eileen informed the group that conference calls may be made by using the website

"A prosperous Macedonia where youth are provided the proper educational resources that will enable them to enrich their communities and contribute to a civil society in Macedonia and an American public that is informed about the positive aspects of Macedonia."