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Meeting Minutes 2-4-2004

Phone Conference

Present: Hristina, Nicole Kibert, Donald Pattillo, Chris Purdef, Pamela Ross, Rick Sleutaris, Rhonda Stanton

1. Finance Report

Don sent Dana FOM’s Treasurer’s Report about a week ago. We have provided financial assistance to Hristina and Juliana. Due to new members PCVA who designated money for FOM, there was an extra $37.50 on Friends of Macedonia’s bank account. As of right now, there is $612.51 in FOM’s bank account.

2. Fundraising Prospects

The calendar project is now geared towards 2005. It’s a worthwhile project, but there is a concern who is going to buy them? Kris suggests that we try to get bookstores and other shops to sell them. Nicole suggests that we speak to the other groups (including present volunteers) and try to market it to them, as well as to the expats in Macedonia. As for widening our audience, Kris suggests that we develop links to other websites, such as “Reality Macedonia”, etc. We may even be able to use the calendar as method of public awareness rather than an actual fundraiser. Nicole suggests that we get the calendars done in Macedonia, since it could be cheaper. Kris and Hristina both said that Macedonian-Americans will buy calendars, they probably won’t donate money to the organization.

Task: Kris and Rhonda will work on contacting websites to development.

3. RPCV Contact

Don would like us to send him any new contact information for all RPCVs that we get. Don said that there about 100 volunteers from groups 1-6, but we only have 20 active members. In fact, anyone who’s interested can join, like ex-pats.

Task: Rhonda will send everyone the list of organizations that are working in Macedonia.

4. New Board Members

Vinko and Nicole were added as new Board members.

Task: Rhonda will get their contact information, put them in the Roster, and then resend it out.

5. Macedonian Affiliate

as Eileen mentioned, and in connection with the Marathon fundraiser. What about Vinko and FOM-Macedonia??

Task: Rhonda will contact Vinko about the Marathon.

6. NPCA Annual Meeting

It’s in Chicago is August 5-8. They have asked that Country of Service groups meet formally. Anyone planning to attend at a later date please let Don know.

7. Extra Bill

Juliana received a bill labeled “International School Taxable Withhold” for $179.00. Once Don finds out exactly what it is for, he is going to get back to the other board members to see about paying it.

Next Conference Call: TBA

"A prosperous Macedonia where youth are provided the proper educational resources that will enable them to enrich their communities and contribute to a civil society in Macedonia and an American public that is informed about the positive aspects of Macedonia."