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Meeting Minutes 3-19-2003

Phone Conference

Present: Don Pattillo, Laura Potts, Chris Purdef, Pamela Ross, Rick Sleutaris, and Rhonda Stanton

1. Status of FOM with NPCA--Rick

As of right now, the only people at the conference who are members were Rick, and Don are members. Rick said that we are pretty much there with NPCA. We can go ahead and get ten members right now. Be sure to designate some funds to FOM. Tasks: Everyone register with NPCA and email Don to let him know that you've done it. Once ten people have registered, Don will send in the form.

2. Guideline Issue

Returning Students Laura is concerned that bright students here to the US from Macedonia and they won't go back to their country. We were thinking of perhaps putting a clause in the contract. Chris is also worried about trust issues because of his experience in Macedonia. The board decided that these are things that need to encompassed in the Guidelines.

3. FOM Website--Rick

Everyone agreed that the website looked fine. Rick said he changed the name to "Prijateli na Makedonija". He said that it was a good place for people to see what the organization is about, for founders, and for us to communicate. The minutes will be posted for our reference. Rick said that he put the "Green City" link. Don's named was misspelled--it needs to be corrected. His last name has 2 'T's and 2 'L's. Chris said that his boss at and he said that a link could be set up between the organizations. A message regarding sending donations should be put up on the website, and people should send their money to FOM's (aka Don's) address . In addition, Rick will look into getting credit card donations. Tasks: Rick will correct Don's name and add information regarding donations.

4. Bank Account--Don

Don opened a corporate nonprofit bank account with his own $50 on March 18th at Wachovia Bank. The bank account's name is "Friends of Macedonia, Inc." He has signing authority, and Dana will get signing authority once she returns from South America. If anyone wants to make a donation, please make the checks out to "Friends of Macedonia" and send it to Don.

5. Contacting Other Volunteers

Laura said that she got a reply from Rich and Michelle Gotchall. They sounded interested and she is going to contact them with further information. Laura thinks that Michelle would be a good Board candidate because of her education experience in Macedonia. This brought up the issues of what the board of director's role should be. Laura said she would revise the bi-laws to include some specific duties. In addition, Laura said that she would also try to contact Jeneane. We decided that Rhonda will contact the new volunteers at some point down the road, once they have been at site for a while. Tasks: Laura will stay in contact with the Gotchalls and establish contact with Jeanine to further inform them about the organization. She will also revise the bi-laws for the organization.

6. Corporate Seal

Don has gotten the corporate seal and he is going to send it to Rhonda. No one is sure why we need it, but the State Corporate Office said that FOM needed it, so we have one. Friends of Macedonia also needs to have an official minutes book, which can be purchased at any office supply store. Tasks: Don will send corporate seal to Rhonda. Rhonda will buy an official minutes book.

7. Mission/Vision Statement

Rick said there are some problems with the Mission statement. The mission and vision statement should be really strong in terms of driving the organization and what we present to founders. After the vision/mission statement is completed, then we can work on the guidelines. Task: Chris, Rick, and Laura will revise the current statement Next Meeting: April 23, 2003 at 8:00pm Laura will not be able to attend the meeting because she will be off on her honeymoon. Good Luck and Congratulations Laura!

"A prosperous Macedonia where youth are provided the proper educational resources that will enable them to enrich their communities and contribute to a civil society in Macedonia and an American public that is informed about the positive aspects of Macedonia."