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Meeting Minutes 5-7-2003

Phone Conference

Present: Hristina Bojadzieva, Don Patillo, Chris Purdef, Pamela Ross, Rick Sleutaris, and Rhonda Stanton

1. Patterson, NJ Support-Hristina

She knows a family in located in Patterson, NJ...pretty significant number of Macedonians in this area. They may be host families or donate money to Friends of Macedonia. Tasks: Hristina will contact them to see about gathering support and then Don will follow up Rhonda will send Hristina an email at with all the FoM documents this far.

2. FoM Status--Don

The IRS lost our application and Don sent them another one. IRS wants more information--some assurance that any funds raised in the US will not be used to fund any foreign organizations. They also want to know who is going to be making the decisions about scholarships. Don suggested the Board of Directors. As for the other, Don is working on that. This means a delay in our status but we should go on ahead. Task: Don will complete the IRS application and finish up

3.Contacting RPCVs--Don

Don has sent out an email announcing FoMís progress to RPCVs, but not too big of a response. Maybe eight or nine people is it. Don wants Pam to send him the emails that she has from previous groups. This can be done at, which is a link from FoMís website. Tasks: Pam will send Don the email addresses of former Macedonia

4.National Peace Corps Membership--Rhonda

We need ten members in NPCA, but as of right now we only four. We cannot affiliate with NPCA until we reach ten members. Task: Rhonda will send out email reminding people to sign up

5. Board Funds--Don

Board of Directors should donate money to FoM and Don will send out an email regarding this matter. Task: Don send out email about the Board donating to Friends of Macedonia

6. Friends of Macedonia in Macedonia--Chris

Chris has been in contact with Vinko and FoMMacedonia do want to cooperate with us. They would like to be our main contact in Macedonia--a liaison for students and FoM.

7. Contacting Macedonia

Kiki will contact Zvonks about FoM after

"A prosperous Macedonia where youth are provided the proper educational resources that will enable them to enrich their communities and contribute to a civil society in Macedonia and an American public that is informed about the positive aspects of Macedonia."