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Meeting Minutes 6-11-2003

Phone Conference

Present: Dana Olson, Donald Patillo, Kris Purdef, Rhonda Stanton

1. NPCA--Don

Leo Cecina is the representative for Eastern European countries for the PC Board of Directors. In a conversation with Don he said he would help us with affiliate status for NPCA. Emily O’Rouke is leaving her position as NPCA’s associate on affiliate status of country groups, so we need to work with her as much as possible in order to avoid the “gap” that occurs when staff switches. She provided Don with a list of Macedonian RPCVs who are NPCA members. Fifteen RPCVs are registered with NPCA, which is above the required ten members, but it still would not be a bad idea for everyone to sign-up with NPCA.

2. Treasurers--Don and Dana

Don wants Dana to become an official FoM signer. There is no hurry, but they will remain in contact via email about this matter.

3. Friends of Macedonia Roster

Don and FoM have a new address and phone number:

4042 Coyte Drive
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 977-5769

Tasks: Don will advise the IRS of this change.
Rhonda will update the Friends of Macedonia roster and resend it.
Don will email Rick with the new address so he can update the FoM website

4. Fundraising--everyone

We came up with some ideas about fundraising and thought about doing a mail out. The RPCVs are a good place to start, and Dana suggested calling RPCVs personally -- maybe Karen can help contact the “older” groups. In addition, Chris proposed doing a fundraising event in predominantly Macedonian area of the United States. We also decided that the board also should contribute something as well (amount to be discussed later). We all agreed that Friends of Macedonia needs to create some awareness first in order to generate interest. This led to discussions of letterhead, newsletters, and brochures, but nothing definitive was settled on.

Tasks: Rhonda will see about getting letterhead done for FoM.

5. Macedonian FoM--everyone

Hristina and Dinah are currently in Macedonia. Hristina needs to meet with Zvonko and Vinko to discuss the relationship of both FoMs. They should also see about getting free stuff from organizations (ex. Agency for Immigration), in order to offer people something for their money in the event that FoM does do a membership drive.

Tasks: Rhonda will contact Dinah about getting in touch with organizations in Macedonia.
Don will contact Hristina and tell her to meet with Zvonko & Vvinko, as well as to contact organizations there.
Rhonda will add Vinko to the FoM group email (

6. Macedonian FoM Board of Directors Members--everyone

We discussed having Macedonians, such as Vinko, Zvonko, or the Macedonian ambassador to the U.S., on the board. Something to think about: What position (advisory) will they hold?

Next Conference Call: TBA; Don suggested that we wait until we hear something from the IRS until we schedule another call.

"A prosperous Macedonia where youth are provided the proper educational resources that will enable them to enrich their communities and contribute to a civil society in Macedonia and an American public that is informed about the positive aspects of Macedonia."