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Meeting Minutes 9-10-2003

Phone Conference

Present: Donald Pattillo, Chris Purdef, Rick Sleutaris, Rhonda Stanton

1. Letterhead

The board agreed on what should be on the letterhead. It will look something like our website, with officers going down the side and FoMís contact info on the bottom. Rick said if necessary, he can supply pictures.

Task: Rhonda will contact Joellen again with the details, and get back to the board.

2. Student Contract

Don sent in a check to Smith College for $3150.00 for Hristinaís education. He suggests that we look over the contract that an international office has.

Task: Rhonda will visit the international students office and DU to get some sample contracts for Don.

3. Translation

Hristina said she would translate the website. For now, just the board title, mission, and vision statements should be translated. If necessary (upon request) the minutes could be done.

Task: Rick will update the website to include Macedonian translations.

4. Vice President

Laura has resigned as VP and does not want to be on the Board. Rhonda nominated Kris, but due to lack of attendance, a quorum could not be reached.

Task: Rhonda will send out an email regarding the election of Chris for VP.

5. Fundraising

Don said that he will work up another letter, pointing out the fact that we are legally a tax-exempt organization. Kris said that a lot of information can be found on in terms of what is happening with Macedonia organization. Individual campaigning is also encouraged.

6. Congratulations to Mike & Emma

The board has elected to send an official congratulatory note to Mike, Emmy, and Joyce.

Task: Don will compose a letter of congratulations to Mike & Emma DeCenso.

7. Newsletter

The board decided that we should do newsletter. Any volunteers?

8. Biljana in Macedonia

Joellen emailed Don about her friend Biljana back in Macedonia possibly being a good contact. Don will call her to more information.

9. New Board Members

Rich & Michele Gotchall were contacted, but nothing has come of it. Don said he would contact them about Friends of Macedonia. Rick is having lunch with Tim & Cambria next week, and will talk them about being on the board. There may be some discrepancies with Hristina being on the board and beneficiary at the same time. We also decided that Zvonko, as president of Macedoniaís FoM, should be a board member on our side of the ocean.

10. IRS

Friends of Macedonia now has tax exempt status in GA.

11. NPCA

The board has approved our $200 development grant, but Don hasnít read the group leaderís manual.

12. Guidelines

We need to revisit the Guidelines in order to match them up to what we do in real life.

Task: Rhonda will re-send out guidelines for everyoneís review. Feed back is welcome!

Next Conference Call: TBA

"A prosperous Macedonia where youth are provided the proper educational resources that will enable them to enrich their communities and contribute to a civil society in Macedonia and an American public that is informed about the positive aspects of Macedonia."