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Meeting Minutes 7-30-2003

Phone Conference

Present: Donald Pattillo, Chris Purdef, Pamela Ross, Rhonda Stanton

1. Letterhead

Rhonda is still working on getting a graphic designer to help create a letterhead for FoM. She is trying to get someone to do it for free, as a donation to this organization.

Task: Rhonda will continue to try to find someone to design FoM letterhead.

2. Student Contract

IRS requires that we have students sign a contract, and Don thinks that it should stipulate that they will go to school, attend classes, make themselves accountable to the school, and go home upon the competition of their studies. However, Hristina and Juliana are hesitant to return to Macedonia after their studies, which complicates things a bit. Hristina will return to the States in August.

Task: Don will contact Hrisina upon her return to the U.S.

3.FoM Bank

At the moment, our bank balance is $3,335, and Dana is on board as an authorized Friends of Macedonia signature.

4. Vice President

Don will call Laura to see what her intentions are regarding her position on the board, and then send out an email with the results of their conversation.

5. IRS

Friends of Macedonia is recognized as a tax-exempt organization, and Don has sent in the Georgia application.


NPCA Board was supposed to approve our application for affiliate status, but have yet to convene. Don sees no reason why our application will not be approved once the Board does meet. Furthermore, Don has sent in a $200 development grant request to NPCA.

7. Macedonia’s Name

“Former Yugoslav Republic Of” is a name designated to Macedonia by the United Nations. No other institution, organization, or state outside of the UN is obligated to use this name. Rhonda brought up the idea of sending a letter stating these facts to Peace Corps.

Task: Everyone give feedback via email regarding this matter.

8. Board of Directors Contribution

We decided that the minimum yearly Board contribution should be $200. You can pay this in monthly, quarterly, or in one lump sum. Donations are to be sent to Don’s home address, which also functions as FoM’s address. Of course, people are more than welcome to send more.

Task: Everyone send Don money!

Next Conference Call: TBA

"A prosperous Macedonia where youth are provided the proper educational resources that will enable them to enrich their communities and contribute to a civil society in Macedonia and an American public that is informed about the positive aspects of Macedonia."